Now is the Right Time to Go Solar!

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Contact us today for your free solar proposal and let Wind and Solar Specialists help start your path to energy independence!  

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Why Wind and Solar Specialists?

Solar energy provides environmental and financial benefits for home, agricultural and commercial businesses.  Tax Incentive programs are available from Federal and State governments to help offset the costs of your solar project. Using solar energy can minimize or eliminate your electricity costs while reducing your overall carbon footprint. Solar renewable energy systems generate power for many years with minimal maintenance and ongoing operating expenses are extremely low.  Wind and Solar Specialists takes care of everything so you can have a positive experience with renewable energy. By providing our customers with a full service solution, we can help ensure a successful project!


Federal Tax Incentives

State Tax Incentives

Our Process:

  1. Your Goals– this is your project and we want to know what your goals are and what you are expecting
  2. Proposal– we review your electricity bills and create a customized proposal to show how much you will save, your rate of return and payoff of the project
  3. Onsite Visit– together we come up with a plan of action that includes the location of your project, electrical needs and any other information we need to get you a final quote
  4. Ready for Solar– once you have decided to move forward, we will present you with the final quote and construction design
  5. Paperwork– we take care of the interconnection paperwork with your utility company and any permits that are needed for your project
  6. Installation- equipment is ordered and delivered and our local crews get to work
  7. Fire it up– we coordinate the inspections and turn on your system to make sure everything is working correctly
  8. Monitoring– you can monitor your production and savings in real time 
  9. Follow Up– we are here to answer any questions and give you full support with warranty and maintenance