Ask Us About Solar for your Iowa Ag Property

Wind and Solar Specialists is an Iowa-based, Iowa-focused solar company. To learn about incentives, grants, and energy cost savings from solar, contact us today.

Pictured: Some of our work.


Pictured: one of our installations.

Wind and Solar Specialists is:

Based out of Alta, Iowa

Experienced, having provided solar for Iowa since 2007

A provider of solar design, installation, and after-sale service

Why solar for your ag property?

  • Solar can immediately reduce your energy costs and reward you for excess power produced and sent to the grid.
  • Once you break even on solar, it is an investment that provides increasing net returns with time.
  • Solar (REAP) grants for ag are available to apply for, reducing its cost and making it an even better investment.
  • Solar adds a splash of forward-thinking technology to your property.

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